About Us

CG Fabrication LLC
Caleb Gonzalez
San Antonio, Texas

Our goal is to build quality custom parts for high performance. Our shop allows customers to give input into building their turbo kits thus creating their own custom setup unique to their own car. 

I have 26 years of experience in Turbo Kit Fabrication. My experience comes from working with several known companies as Lead Fabricator/Welder. These include Bell Engineering in Spring Branch, Texas; Cartech in San Antonio, Texas, and Pro Turbo Kits in San Antonio.

Some of my recurring customers include:

  • Angel Padilla from Austin, Tx
  • Chip Havemann from San Antonio, Tx
  • Joel Cura from McAllen, Tx
  • Nick Shortridge from San Antonio, Texas
  • Lewis Ludwig, HPJ Performance LLC in Belleville, IL 
  • Texas Jam Racing in San Antonio, Tx
  • Justin Humphrey, Sudden Performance LLC in Weatherford, Tx
  • Sammy Hernandez, O&E Speed Shop LLC in Kenner, LA
  • Ed Melgar, Ed's Speed Shop LLC in Downey, CA
  • Manny Alvarez, HPP Racing in Lewisville, Tx
  • Jim Cushman, Cushman Motorsports in Huntley, IL
  • Hector Perez, PMR Racing in Hialeah, Fl
  • Charles Epperson, London Chassis Dyno, London, KY