5.0 Coyote 15-18 TO6 Turbo Race Kit

  • 1,63500
  • Save $ -31000

Facing forward turbo Dr & Ps side headers. TO6 turbo mount flange with a 2 1/2" crossover pipe with flex bellow joint, 4" or 5" starter downpipe. All hot parts come with V-band connections.Turbo hotside fits with stock motor mounts. This turbo kit will allow you to keep your A/C and alternator in stock location. A/C line will require modification. The merge pipe can be built with a divided flange or open just specify what turbo you will be using. This hotside kit will come with twin wastegate v-band flanges. With large frame turbos, a low profile radiator fan is required and lower radiator hose will need be modified.Turbo race kit fits 15-18 Coyote mustang. Turbo is located on driver side. Kits are build to order.

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